Your Four Case Studies 

Only required for applicants of the Professional Canine Behavior Consulting Program
Once you are an active applicant and in the process of working towards your credential then PPAB will provide you with a case study template to complete alongside the assessment criteria. Please note that all applicants must have personally seen each case at least once (both the dog and owner).

  1. Your Case Studies must be forwarded to the  assessment committee no later than 12 weeks after your videos have been approved. 
  2. Applicants must submit four separate case studies. All language should be in ABA terms, This means no constructs or labeling of behavior.  
  3. If the case study is incomplete, it will not be accepted. 
  4. If your case study is not complete them PPAB will inform the candidates in writing providing the necessary constructive and tangible feedback. 
  5. If the case study does not meet the testing criteria you will be informed of the specific details in an objective and verifiable manner
  6. You may resubmit case studies after 20 days for an additional fee of $20.00 per case study 
  7. You will select four topics from the following list: 

·     Leash reactivity

·     Separation related issues

·     Resource guarding

·     Fear of people

·     Fear of dogs

·     Dog-human aggression

·     Dog-dog aggression

·     Fighting amongst dogs in multi-dog households

·     Integration of a new dog with existing dog(s) 

PPAB has worked closely with psychometric testing experts to standardize the entire credentialing process. As such, the case study review process follows a strict format which is outlined here, you will need to be logged into the website so you can see the document in the private applicant area. Applicants must adhere to the required format with precision and present their case studies exactly as directed. This will ensure that test reviewers can assess objectively whether each case study meets the requisite standard or not. When necessary, this standardization will also enable PPAB to give applicants accurate feedback about why they have not met the specific standards.  

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