Your Ten (10) Minute Coaching Skills Film Clip

You must submit a 10 minute video demonstrating your ability to teach a dog training class.  The focus of this assessment will be on your interpersonal and coaching skills as an instructor and your ability to break down a hands on skill and teach it.


·       During this video you must adhere to the PPAB Guild’s Guiding Principles.

·    During this video you must demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills.

·    During this Video you must demonstrate appropriate dog training skills.

·    During this class you must teach behaviours appropriate to your learners – both human and canine

·    You must explain what you are teaching in the presented video and why you are teaching it.

o   This can be done verbally at the beginning of the video – 1 minute additional time is allowed for this (i.e. an 11 minute video can be presented)

The Assessor will be looking for the following skills -

·       An understanding of human student learning styles

o   Visual – i.e. video, watching a demonstration, whiteboard, PowerPoint etc.

o   Auditory – listening to lecture, electronic media (tape, radio) (often in conjunction with visual)

o   Kinaesthetic – practical, mimicry, experimental, experiential, “hands on”

·       Your appropriate interaction with children or disabled people if they are in your class

·       Your appropriate interaction if there are cultural differences within your training class

·       Your training choreography

o   Instructor position in relation to students

o   Position and organisation of dogs/guardians to minimize disruption and distress

o   The use of visual barriers and environmental features where necessary

o   Appropriate choice of demonstration dog if necessary

·       Lesson design to maximize and engage dogs and students

·       Your subject knowledge

·       Your handling skills – both dogs and people

·       Your sense of humor if appropriate

·       Your patience

·       Your attending skills

o   Inclusive of all interactive communication skills

·       Your diplomacy

 Each of your training skill videos will be uploaded to your YouTube account and marked as unlisted. You will then forward all 11 links in on email to If videos are received in any other manner you will be asked to resubmit them. 

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