Section III: Film Clip – Creating a Positive Conditioned Emotional Response (CER)

In this clip you must explain what a conditioned emotional response is and how to achieve it. Often dogs will find certain items annoying or for some reason they are worried about some object.  In a video lasting no more than three (3) minutes you must demonstrate how you have changed the dog’s experience of that object or procedure from being either neutral or annoying to being a happy emotional response or an alternative positive response to that situation.  In most cases it will take longer than 3 minutes to achieve this.  Your video may show segments of your progression.  You must show the baseline behavior of the dog, parts of your training procedure and his/her training outcome, together with your explanation of a CER.

Requirements for CER Film Clip

·       Each film clip must be no more than 3 minutes duration

o   You will be penalized for going over the recommended time

·       Evidence of training methods presented in this video must comply with the Pet Professional Accreditation Board’s Guiding Principles and operating policies.  

·       All training methods used must be force free.  Force free is defined as:

o   No shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, no physical molding, no compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet

o   100% compliance is expected

·       You must be aware of behavioral signals being offered by the dog with whom you demonstrate

o   You must make allowances for behavioral issues and demonstrate how to handle those issues should they occur

o   This assessment will be considered not satisfactory if your training does not reflect appropriate action in the face of canine stress, discomfort or confusion.

§  You will be assessed on how you handle any untoward behavioral issue(s) that arise

§  You will be assessed on your handling of the environment to enable optimal learning for the dog.

·       You must take into account the dog’s breed, age, individual idiosyncrasies and needs.

Read in more detail the accreditation specifications. Download the CTT-A Study Guide

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