Your Training Skills Criteria & Submission Guidelines

All your videos must be submitted within 90 days of completing your examination.
Each of your training skill videos will be uploaded to your YouTube account and marked as unlisted. You will then forward all 11 links in on email to If videos are received in any other manner you will be asked to resubmit them. This list of 11 includes your coaching video too. 
Instructions for submitting your videos and your submission checklist. Be sure to download this and follow the instructions


·       All training methods used must be force free.  Force free is defined as:

o   No shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, no physical molding, no compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet

o   100% compliance is expected

·       The candidate must be aware of behavioural signals being offered by the dog

o   You must make allowances for behavioural issues and demonstrate how to handle those issues as they occur

o   This assessment will be considered not satisfactory if your training does not reflect appropriate action in the face of canine stress, discomfort or confusion.

§  You will be assessed on how you handle any untoward behavioural issue(s) that arise

§  You will be assessed on your handling of the environment to enable optimal learning for the dog.

§  You must also include a one (1) paragraph description of the suitability of your training area.

·       You must take into account the dog’s breed, age, individual idiosyncrasies and needs.

o   A one (1) paragraph biography of the dog(s) with whom you are demonstrating must be included with your submission.

§  If working with more than one dog, you must include a biography for each dog.

·       You must discuss how to generalise behaviours and demonstrate how you would do this during at least one of the film clips.

·       Latency:  once trained, each skill must be performed within 2-3 seconds of the cue being given.  When you are demonstrating your completed behaviour the dog must consistently respond within 2-3 seconds of being cued.

·       When asked to discuss a part of an exercise, briefly discuss (1 minute maximum) how you would go about it and why.

·       Although the majority of the Skills Videos may be filmed in the same location, at least three videos must demonstrate training in alternative places.

Training Methods

For each of the named training methods (below) you must justify your use of this method for the behaviour being taught.  You need only justify each method once.

You may choose to train these behaviours using either:

·       Targeting

o   lnclude how to fade the target and transition to a verbal/visual cue.

o   Discuss other methods you could use to gain the behaviour should this method fail.

·       Luring

o   Include how to fade the lure and transition to a verbal/visual cue.

o   Discuss other methods you could use to gain the behaviour should this method fail.

·       Shaping

o   Explain briefly your approximations in shaping the behaviour.

o   Discuss other methods you could use to gain the behaviour should this method fail.

You must demonstrate each of these methods at least once.

You must demonstrate at least three skills in different locations

Submission of Evidence

·       Each film clip must be between 1-3 minutes duration plus 1 extra minute if required for your justifications as described above.

o   You will be penalised for going over the recommended time

o   A brief verbal or caption explanation of what you intend to teach and how you intend to teach it must be at the beginning of your film clip

§  E.g.  I am going to demonstrate how to train a “Sit” using a lure.

§  E.g. A caption tile before the film clip begins with “Sit – using lure” written on it.

Format of Submission

·       At all times you must be visible and identifiable in the film submission.

·       Care must be taken that you can be clearly heard during training.

o   Often wind across a camera speaker masks human voice. 

o   Ensure that your film clip is clearly audible.

o   Film clips with inaudible sound tracks will not be accepted as evidence of your training skills

·       Care must be taken that your film clip is in focus. 

o   Blurred film clips will not be accepted as evidence of your training skills

·       The format in which you should submit your Training Skills Application is via YouTube. All your videos must be uploaded to YouTube and marked unlisted. Then all 11 videos must be put on to one playlist. The playlist link should be emailed to


Compulsory Film Clips

1.      Conditioning the Bridge
2.      Name Recognition and Giving Attention
3.      Sit
4.      Drop/Down
5.      Stand
6.      Stay
7.      Loose Leash Walking
8.      Recall
9.      On the Mat
10.   Tricks

 You must demonstrate teaching the dog a simple trick. 

Teach one of the following:

·        Give paw (shake or high five)
·        Bow
·        Speak
·        Spin/Twist
·        Sit Pretty (Say Please)
·        Roll Over

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