PPAB offers the only Accredited Training Technician and Professional Canine Trainer  certification for professionals who believe there is no place for shock, choke, prong, fear or intimidation in canine training and behavior practices. 

PPAB also offers the only psychometrically developed examination for Training & Behavior Consultants who also support  these humane and scientific practices

The Pet Professional Accreditation Board is the credentialing Arm to The Pet Professional Guild

  1. For each of the credentialing levels a team of subject mater experts developed a Job Task Analysis
  2. From the Job Task Analysis experts determined the skills and knowledge that each level should have as a minimum competency across knowledge and skills. 
  3. Examinations were then developed and reviewed with help of NOCTI Business Solutions (PCT-A and PCBC-A)
  4. Examinations were then piloted to ensure the questions performed to the required level of competency and reliability. 
  5. The examinations were then fine tuned with the help of an Educational PHD, an expert in this subject matter
  6. Skill competencies were established and video assessments developed
  7. All skill videos are assessed against tangible and specif criteria. Pass or failure is not determined by the personal opinion of an assessor but whether the criteria has been met.
  8. Case Study submission are assessed against specific tangible and measurable criteria, again they are not assessed and deemed pass or fail by an individual assessor. Case studies are reviewed independently by a team and then an collated by the assessment coordinator. 

The Examination Company NOCTI Business Solutions

NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions have earned full accreditation from the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC). This recent accomplishment ensures that a neutral third party has properly evaluated both organizations and held them up to international standards. ICAC accreditation signifies that NOCTI's career and technical education (CTE) assessments and certifications, as well as Nocti Business Solutions' technical skill assessments, follow the best international industry practices and standards outlined in ISO 17024.

Please note the Pet Professional Accreditation Board Terms & Conditions

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