PPAB offers the only Accredited Training Technician and Professional Canine Trainer  certification for professionals who believe there is no place for shock, choke, prong, fear or intimidation in canine training and behavior practices. 

PPAB also offers the only psychometrically developed examination for Training & Behavior Consultants who also support  these humane and scientific practices

Please note, until further notice, the criteria has been amended for "Coaching Videos" for each of the three Accreditation levels. The updated criteria can be found in this supplemental guide. This is due to social distancing and the inability to hold in person coaching sessions. 

Professional References

When you are ready to gather all your eligibility documents together you can download your reference template here. 
  1. Applicants for the CTT-A   click here
  2. Applicants for PCT-A  Click here
  3. Applicants for the PCBC-A  click here 

This will then be completed and signed by your chosen references. Once completed it can be scanned or photocopied and then uploaded and attached to the submission form that you will receive by email as soon as you apply. 

The PPAB Reference Letter Template

The template letter linked to above is to be used for your references. This informs the reference that the candidate, you, is seeking to be credentialed with The Pet Professional Accreditation Board. It also informs them of the necessary training hours and CEUs for each credential.

As the applicant you must provide the set number of written references from the following categories: 

  1. A PPG member or colleague, (CTT, PCT & PCBC).
  2.  A client.(CTT, PCT & PCBC).
  3. A Veterinarian (PCBC).

Your reference must indicate how they are familiar with your skills, they will choose from the following:

  • I have worked with the applicant directly
  • My clients have reported to me regarding their experiences with the applicant
  • Word of mouth referrals from other professionals
  • Personal discussions with the applicant
  • The applicant is a current or former student of mine

This is an example of how the reference letter section on the submission form looks

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